Henry Cavill United

Henry Cavill United

This is Henry Cavill United, formally known as CGF: Henry Cavill. Managed by a dorky, 22 yr. old from Southern California named Daniela aka Danny. This blog is dedicated to support Mr. Cavill in his career and to celebrate his achievements as well as to share all his awesomeness with the rest of the world.


Col. Hardy: "This man is not our enemy."
Superman: “Thank you, Colonel.”

Felt inspired to make a set of gifs today, but every time I attempt to they either turn out blotchy or they just don’t work once I upload them…*sigh*

Henry Cavill is fundraising on JustGiving for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund →

Here’s his story: 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page and donating to my charity The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

I chose to support this charity, not only because of my obvious familial connection, but because of the deep respect I have for the Royal Marines as men and as a corps.

I am taking a short break from filming to run, with 350 other participants, from Casemates Square to the 1,300ft summit of the Rock of Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Rock run will be taking place between Oct. 24th-27th, 2014.

His goal is to reach £20,000 by then. So, make sure you guys go and show your support, any little bit counts! -Daniela :)

Ps: Thank you to thankyoulordforhenrycavill for your original post!

"There was a lot of fun had on the wires because there was so much that needed to be done. It just took more time and it was important to do it right. People took their time and there was time to actually sit there and enjoy it. And in between some takes you’re left hanging in a harness. And so we do get to have a good laugh at the whole thing"

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Clark just stood off by himself, watching it all ‘like a cat looks at a doorknob,’ as my mother used to say… Looking at something he couldn’t figure out.

~Superman: Earth One, Volume 2 

henry cavill / dunhill event in london, ‘08

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