Henry Cavill United

Henry Cavill United

This is Henry Cavill United, formally known as CGF: Henry Cavill. Managed by a dorky, 22 yr. old from Southern California named Daniela aka Danny. This blog is dedicated to support Mr. Cavill in his career and to celebrate his achievements as well as to share all his awesomeness with the rest of the world.

Henry Cavill at the ‘Man of Steel’ Japan Premiere, (21/08/13)

(Source: clarkents)

The Plight of the Ploughshare with Henry Cavill [x]

(Source: clarkents)


Don’t be afraid to lift your head, to greet the eyes of those you share this with.

Old Man Canyon - “The Road



There is a new update to CavillConservation.com this morning!  Henry shared video of his visit to the Herpetology department at Durrell.  Also included in the update is an article on Durrell’s work with 5 of the top ten reptiles that are surviving because of the work of zoos today.

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